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In Conjunction with Ed Ingold


Last November, the US 7th Court of Appeals ruled that Illinois’ long-standing prohibition on carrying loaded weapons outside the home was unconstitutional, and gave the state 180 days to comply. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-illinois-concealed-carry-ban-20121211,0,3364134.htmlpage

As the right to own and carry a gun are issues of importance to many readers, and a Constitutional one as well, it is essential that as concerned citizens of Illinois we allow our voices to be heard to affirm our convictions.

With this in mind we are directing your attention to a link where a petition can be found in support of Illinois HB0997, “Family Protection Act,” which allows concealed weapons to be carried by licensed individuals.

The bill was introduced by Brandon Phelps (D). Rep. Dwight Kay (R) is one of the co-sponsors. HB0997 is similar to a bill introduced by Rep. Phelps last March, which failed to achieve a veto-proof, home-rule-proof majority by only three votes. Full text of HB0997 can be found at here

We have reviewed HB0997 and give it our support. It establishes reasonable training and proficiency requirements. Any adult 21 years or older with a FOID card can qualify. The court order and this bill will preempt local firearm laws, including those of Chicago.

There are relatively few gun-free carve-outs. Notably, weapons will be allowed on all public transportation, and colleges unless prohibited by the administration. College administrators will assume civil liability if any licensee is subjected to a violent attack.

We urge you to sign the petition and forward this email to friends who are similarly inclined. It’s time criminals moved to the rear of the line in Illinois. This legislation has broad support of both parties downstate. Signing the petition is also a good way to make your support known to representatives outside the Chicago area.

Click on this link http://www.kay.ilhousegop.org/ to sign the petition Rep. Dwight Kay is circulating in support of concealed carry as a co-sponsor of HB0997.