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By Nancy Thorner – 

A nation that doesn’t force foreigners to pay for the necessities of government (infrastructure, justice, and defense) is simply committing economic and cultural suicide. “Free trade” Europe outsourced its defense to the U.S.  In turn, we outsourced our defense to CHINA. Never has the security of the U.S. been so compromised with a fascist dictatorship able to wreck us economically and militarily at their will. Short of nuclear war, there really is little we can do to prevent the Chinese and their allies from seizing the rest of Asia. Even Europe seems to have a better chance of stopping Russia and the Muslims without nukes than we do with CHINA.

For this reason the Trump administration is trying to rebuild industries upon which our national defense rests. As to the reason the Trump administration is diminishing our defense commitments to Europe and the Middle East, it is because of Islam loving, undemocratic EU that China has an easy target. It is also the reason Trump chose Ted Mallochto represent the US in the European Union.

EU-despising Ted Malloch is not about to hide President Trump’s dislike for the EU. President Trump just doesn’t like the EU: “He doesn’t like an organization that is supranational, that is unelected where the bureaucrats run amok and that is not frankly a proper democracy.”

This nation obviously can’t depend on Canada for help.  According to anarticle published on January 18 by Ezra Levant, Justin Trudeau hates Donald Trump.  Trudeau’s whole team does — his MPs, his cabinet ministers, his campaign staff. They know they shouldn’t say so publicly, but they just can’t help themselves.

Neither can this nation depend on Mexico, who is an open enemy of the United States.  76,000 illegal Mexicans are incarcerated in our Federal prisons; never mind those in state prisons. American taxpayers paid approximately $1.87 billion to house imprisoned illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2014, and almost all of that financial burden was shouldered by the states.  Mexican drug gangs run amok in the U.S. and threaten to turn this nation into a narco-state as exists in today’s Mexico.
Furthermore, Muslim terror organizations have bases in the Mexican border.  But most of all, it is considered politically incorrect to acknowledge that Mexican illegals, like Muslim “refugees”, are a net minus to our society after welfare and legal system/prison payments This article is important to review.  It highlights surprising facts about IMMIGRATION ISSUES.
Cracking down on visas is legal 
With good reason Trump is doing something that supposedly has never been done before when the truth is quite different, cracking down on visas from Muslim countries where the threat of terrorism is high.  Having recently celebrated the 44 year anniversary weekend of Roe. v. Wade, we have the usual liberal judges legislating from the bench even though the law is quite clear that what Trump is doing with Muslim visas is quite legal.
Moreover, Trump is actually enforcing an Obama directive as to the seven countries he selected to be singled out.
“President Trump is carrying out an executive action in support of the US Customs and Border Protection Act of 2015, which relates to “the Visa Waiver Program and Terrorist Travel Protection Act of 2015“. President Trump did not select seven countries – the US Congress and Obama’s Department of Homeland Security had singled out these countries.”
Of course, none of these facts will darken the pages of the New York Times, etc.  Steven Bannon is right to call the media the major opposition party to Trump.  According the emails released by Wikileaks, 95 journalists openly consorted with the Clinton campaign against Trump. If anything, the post-election has been worse.
The problem for the Democrats and their media enablers is that the American people are sick of all these visa holders that end up in sham marriages or stay on illegally. This is a view that no amount of media bleating and staged for the camera protests can change because everyone can see the effect illegal immigration has our country and the consequences of any big group of Muslims anywhere in the world outside a few oil sheikdoms.  We are a long way from when an American president could say “Islam means peace” and have any sort of credibility.
Democrat Party without leadership dubbed hysterical
Beyond simply reality, voters can see with their own eyes where they live or on the Internet that the Democrat Party, as an opposition party, is virtually without leadership or the ability to oppose Trump without hysterical, across the board attacks that are backfiring.  Consider whatSenator Liz Warren of Massachusetts is experiencing as she aspires to lead the Democratic Party. The Bernie people rightly feel that Elizabeth Warren betrayed them by not running against Hillary and then by not endorsing Sanders. It is doubtful whether Senator Warren, as the Democratic candidate, would have any chance to be elected president in 2020.   She will most likely be fortunate to get by her own Senate reelection in 2018.
What is so unusual is that the maneuvering for 2020 is going on so early. Does somebody have a hidden agenda for DNC chairman?  Keith Ellison, as the leading contender to chair the Democratic National Committee, is from the same state as Amy Klobuchar, first woman elected to the U.S. Senate in Minnesota’s history, who also aspires to lead the party. As to another woman Democrats could possibly promote as a presidential candidate in 2020, Democrats see Jeanne Shaheen as a possibility.
If is thought that if Democrats don’t run a “minority” — women are victims, despite being 52% of the voters — how else can they win?  In looking at the extraordinary thin bench of Democrats who are presently in the Senate and also serve as governors, the best hope Democrats may have for 2020 is that someone emerges from the 2018 elections among the following14 states listed with vulnerable Republican governors.
  1. Arizona (Republican Governor Ducey)
  2. Florida (Term limited Republican Governor Scott)
  3. Illinois (Republican Governor Rauner)
  4. Maine (Term Limited Republican LePage)
  5. Maryland (Republican Governor Hogan)
  6. Massachusetts (Republican Governor Baker)
  7. Michigan (Term Limited Republican Governor Snyder)
  8. Nevada (Term Limited Republican Governor Sandoval)
  9. New Hampshire (Republican Governor Sununu)
  10. New Mexico (Republican Governor Martinez)
  11. Ohio (Term Limited Republican Governor Kasich)
  12. Vermont (Republican Governor Scott)
  13. Wisconsin (Republican Governor Walker)
  14. New Jersey (Term Limited Governor Christie)
 Democrat and Republican game plan for 2020
The game plan of Democrats is simple:  win about half the vulnerable Republican governor seats while holding their net Senate losses to a minimum by picking up potentially vulnerable Republican seats in Nevada and Arizona.  If they do so, it would be a huge blow to the reelection chances of Trump and for holding on to a Republican Senate with 22 Republican incumbent seats up in 2020.  However, a new Governor would not have the usual ultra-liberal track record of all the rest of the current Democrat Senators and Governors.  He/she could pretend to be “fresh” and “moderate” like Bill Clinton did in 1992.
The Republican game plan is the opposite:  pick up half a dozen or so of the 13-15 vulnerable Democrat Senate seats and hold gubernatorial losses to a minimum by picking up potentially vulnerable Democrat seats in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, including the “Independent” governor of Alaska, a Democrat in all but name.
At this point, the Republican game plan, with Trump’s popularity improving and their money and image advantage, appears more plausible. But the Dems do have an ace in the hole in Yellen and the Democrats at the Fed.  Volcker squeezed Reagan with money policies so tight they almost destroyed Mexico and other countries in 1982.  Although Reagan did back off from his more “extreme policies” by raising taxes in 1982, which prompted Volcker to finally loosen monetary policy, Volcker’s action was not in time for the 1982 elections.
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