Monday, July 25, 2016


By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O’Neil – 

If asked to respond to a poll question about what you consider the most serious issue facing American citizens, what would be your reply?

Unfortunately, in a nation that is burdened with a multitude of pressing problems and issues, deciding which is the most troubling might prove to be a difficult choice. However, those who have spent time studying Islamic terrorism in countries like Syria, Iraq, and Iran, countries that promote terrorism, see the threat of radical Islam and a Muslim caliphate to be the most serious issue of today. 

An estimated 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, including 3.3 million here in America, are familiar with the term “caliphate,”  but the majority of Americans know little about its origin, what it entails, and the danger it poses to our country and American families, largely because the media largely ignores the problem.

Caliphate defined  

Muslim groups dismiss the subject of a caliphate, claiming it is of no consequence or danger to them, but it is impossible to know if and when Muslim extremists are being truthful.  Why?  Because a key doctrine in orthodox Islam is “aqiyya,” a term which allows Muslims to lie, mislead, and deceive (aka dissimulation) in order to defend the individual Muslim or Islam itself.  Consequently, many Islamists who appear to be “moderates” turn out to be “radicals” after all.  Therefore, rather than depend upon rhetoric, America must  closely examine facts and actions. 

Jihad can take many forms when subjects such as politics, finance, propaganda, physical violence and acts of terror can be justified when the cause is for Islamic jihad.  That is how “violent jihadis” (throat slitting, shootings, beheadings, and bombings) are justified, as is “financial jihadis” (financing violent jihadi efforts), and “political jihad” (promoting so-called “hate speech” legislation prohibiting people with facts from exposing the truth regarding Islam).  It is likely that many of those who claim to be “moderates” in truth practice one or more of these types of jihad.

Particularly troubling is the caliphate and those who promote it.  In Islamic history, the caliphate was viewed as a just leadership that facilitated the practice of the faith. The caliph was the political leader who led an empire and was viewed as the successor to the Prophet Muhammad.  This model was disbanded in the early 20th century and replaced by a version which is practiced in different ways depending upon how literal the leader decides to interpret Sharia. 

The last caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, sold non-Muslim girls as sex slaves, some as young as twelve. Men raped and enslaved non-Muslim women as a reward for fighting and spreading Islam. That is still practiced within pockets of specific Muslim extremist groups.

The Caliphate Curve

There is a term called the “caliphate curve.”  It is based on how quickly an Islamic group wants to achieve the ultimate caliphate.  ISIS is at the extreme end of the curve, as it embraces torture, murder, and rapes; practices ethnic cleansing; and condones sexual slavery of non-Muslims.  Much of this happened during the last caliphate and was considered acceptable behavior.  On the other end of the curve is the Muslim Brotherhood.  This Muslim group has chosen to bring in the caliphate gradually over time using more modern political methods.  However, the Muslims’ ultimate goal is to conquer the World for Islam and complete the caliphate.  

No matter where a Muslim group chooses to be within the caliphate curve, they all agree the World, including the United States, must be ruled by Muslims under Islamic law.  If that should happen, it would be the end of freedom and equal rights and the beginning of enslaving men and women to their Islamic extreme religious concept.

The World has seen evidence of this extremism through the actions of those who practice an intense version of the caliphate.  Sunni Muslims may disagree with Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s worldview and in so doing can expect retaliation.  That was demonstrated in a recent massacre of Iraqi soldiers who were moderate Syrian rebels.  Countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia are concerned about the more strict interpretation of the caliphate being advanced in their nation, as both these countries are considered moderate Muslims nations and want to remain as such. 

It is important for the free World to begin speaking out more strongly against the dangers of those who are already practicing an extreme version of Islam.  Treating terrorism as isolated attacks by fanatics must cease!  Terrorist acts rooted in Islamic extremism are but precursors to what the World can expect, unless leaders from all freedom loving countries begin to educate their citizens as to the nature of radical Islam and understand who practices it.  Only through this awareness can tactics be developed to eliminate the danger to peaceful people. 

It is perplexing why so many of our World leaders continually condone and/or minimize the barbaric  acts associated with groups who admit their end goal is to impose a government that takes away everyone’s rights.  Basically, the caliphate is not much different in practice to that of Communism.  Each deprives subjects their rights and ultimate freedom. 

The consequences of reduced fertility rates in much of world

A top Iman, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, recently spoke at the l-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem saying that the Muslim immigrants were being accepted in Europe only because they were needed as a source of labor.  He went on to say the migrants should use the crisis to breed with European citizens and thus conquer their countries by trampling them underfoot, Allah willing.

Sheikh Muhammad Ayed has tapped into a truism.  People are living longer and having less children.  There were warnings that the World was being over-populated.  These factors caused a new problem and the consequences is that much of the world — especially most developed countries — have fallen below the “replacement” fertility rate.  For instance Italy’s fertility rate is now about 1.3.  America’s total fertility rate is around 1.9 babies per woman, a historic low, but near the replacement rate of 2.1. Women need to average two babies for the population size to be stable.

There is hypocrisy in a new White House report on why low-skill men have been dropping out of the labor force.  The main conclusion is that labor-force dropout is due primarily to a decline in the availability of low-skill jobs.  This is at odds with what the administration has been claiming for years, that the U.S. must have guest workers and amnesty for illegal immigrants in part because of “a lack of available workers” for low-skill jobs in industries such as agriculture and food service.

Ignoring borders presents problems as foreign workers’ bring with them a different culture which can clash with the host country. To avoid serious issues, France has allowed migrants to develop “No Go Zones” where Muslim immigrants have taken over entire blocks by driving out French citizens.  Shockingly, these areas are often hostile to the French, causing police to avoid the area.  Instead of attempting to assimilate, radicals show their ingratitude by killing Frenchmen in terrifying massacres.  While all Muslims are not violent, it is troubling that they do not report those who are.

A few Frenchmen are beginning to speak the truth, such as Alexis Brezet who wrote in Le Figaro“Merah, Charlie, Bataclan , Magnanville, and now Nice. How long before our eyes are opened? How many wild attacks, indiscriminate massacres before our leaders admit that Islamist fanaticism initiated a fight to the death against our country and our civilization?”

Political correctness guides this nation

America can no longer condone “political correctness” from its citizens.  We risk inviting the same horrendous tragedies we see in Europe.  Our leaders must identify and address the growing problem of Muslim extremism.  President Obama is adverse to stating the extent Islamic radical ideology is growing; calling obvious Muslim terror attacks “workplace violence.”  He may have good reasons for downplaying the tragedies, but doing so has created problems.  Citizens have neglected to report suspicious circumstances which might have prevented the slaughter of innocent people by radicals.

Muslims plan to take over major cities such as Alexandria, Constantine, Jerusalem, Athens, Delhi, as well as in America, not through traditional wars or even jihad, but through colonization.  That is a concern as we witness the mass migration of immigrants throughout Europe and realize our current administration committed to a plan that will immediately resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees here and potentially 85,000 overall.  

It is understandable why American citizens are concerned. Consider Dearborn, Michigan where the Muslim population has now grown to over 40 percent, resulting in clashes as most refuse to assimilate.  An example of the increasing tensions happened when Muslims began throwing rocks at a group who were holding up Christian signs.  The Dearborn police did not arrest the perpetrators, later claiming they did not have sufficient police force to do so. This sounds familiar, as they reflect what is happening in European cities where Muslim populations also refused to assimilate.  Many believe this issue is what influenced the Brexit vote. The English see the problems and want to secure their borders.  We have the same concerns, which may influence the upcoming presidential election.

In addition to the increased tension resulting from the refusal of Muslims to assimilate, most Americans would be shocked to hear that tax money is being spent in Michigan for a Muslim male to support four wives. Watch this video to view this untenable situation.

Why the November, 2016, election is so important?

President Obama has allowed thousands of unvetted Muslims to come to America, and Hillary wants to bring in one million more, even though it is impossible to discern whether they have ties to terrorists.  FBI Director James Comey warned that ISIS has very quickly morphed into a “chaotic spider web” within the US, and young Muslim men are being radicalized within all our states.  The current administration has been dangerously slow in understanding the full extent of this threat to us.

Our forefathers wisely initiated immigration laws for the safety of our people and security of our country.  The law states immigrants must pledge their allegiance to America, assimilate into our culture, and obey our laws. Muslim immigrants have not been required to comply with these basic requirements, because their religion embraces every facet of their lives and some conflict with our customs and laws. 

​Saturday, January 10, 2015


By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold – 

It has become evident from watching the situation with interest in Paris over the past few days, that France has been tolerating Islamic separatism in their country for some time. France has been sleeping with a cobra, and now faces the consequences. Is our turn coming, or has it already come and we are in denial?

Celebrities such as Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News and elected officials on both sides of the aisle, such as Congressmen Fred Upton and Senator Chuck Schumer, agree that the Paris event is an imminent threat to our way. President Obama in the meanwhile, defends free speech vehemently, for which he receive praise from the press, as he refuses to use the words “Islam, “radical Islam,” “jihad” or “shariah” when condemning the Jihad-Shariah-driven shooting in Paris.

Worth remembering is Obama’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Sept. 25, 2012, in which he said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.  Not wanting to limit his remarks to Islam, Obama also addressed critics of Christianity and Judaism, saying, “But to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied.”

Muslims are criticized for not speaking out against acts of terrorism made in the name of Islam. Is it because they are afraid or reprisal, or sympathize with the terrorists?

Bill Maher didn’t hold back Wednesday night, January 7, when appearing on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel’s Live show he blasted “hundreds of millions” of the world’s Muslims for allegedly supporting the Islamic terrorist massacre of cartoonists, writers, and editors at the Parisian satirical magazine that had mocked the Prophet Muhammad.

Continuing, Maher made this important point: “I know most Muslim people would not have carried out an attack like this, but hundreds of millions of them support an attack like this. They applaud an attack like this.  What they say is ‘We don’t approve of violence, but you know what?  When you make fun of the Prophet, all bets are off.”‘

We see a similar situation in the violence following the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and Eric Gardner in Staten Island. Where was the outrage among black leaders over the terrorism against shopkeepers in Ferguson and the citizens of New York and countless other cities?  Who is speaking out against the crimes committed by blacks against other blacks? Instead, we hear from our leaders that something else is at fault – bias of police officers, guns, poverty, centuries of repression, or anything other than personal responsibility.

Perhaps there is another phenomena involved?  It has been shown that the rallying cries about the injustice dealt Michael Brown and Eric Gardner have no basis in fact. They are merely symbols used by agitators to rally the ignorant masses behind an attack on the existing economic and political structures.

The people who ultimately suffer the consequences are not the agitators, but their followers and the victims of crowd violence. The same is true of Islamic terrorists. The name of Allah is used to rally support for lawless acts directed as much against fellow Muslims as “infidels.”

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold –

The Obama campaign accuses Governor Romney of politicizing the deaths of four Americans in the Libyan consulate. It would be more accurate to say that Romney is informing the public about the inept way in which Obama and the State Department handled the aftermath of the attack that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other American diplomats in Benghazi, which seems fully justified given the gravity of the situation with tones of a coverup.

In the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday, October 11, Joe Biden said the Administration didn’t blame terrorists for the attack, because they didn’t know until later about the nature of the attack. Yet from a Reuters report the day after the Benghazi assault on September 12, officials related how some reporting from the region suggested that members of Al-Qaeda’s north Africa-based affiliate, known as Al Qaueda in the Islamic Maghreb, may have been involved. According to one U.S. official, “It bears the hallmarks of an organized attack and appeared to be preplanned.”

It is curious that the Administration didn’t report what later proved to be true, but responded immediately, and continued to report for nine days, that the attack was instigated by a 14 minute video, which proved to be false. Apparently it’s OK to make up a story that fits your “Al Qaeda is Dead but General Motors is Alive” narrative whether or not you have facts to back it up.

Biden also said “We didn’t know…” that the embassy had requested additional security, based on a series of attacks leading up to the anniversary of 9/11.

It’s quite possible that the White House didn’t know the details, since that would be handled at a lower level in the State Department. However, the reason this request was denied was consistent with White House policy to maintain a low profile in Libya and elsewhere in the middle east.

History repeats itself if we ignore its lessons. Maintenance of a low profile is also the reason Delta Force in Somalia, 1993, was denied tanks and armored vehicles, and air support from C-130 gunships. As a result, we lost two Blackhawk helicopters, 19 dead and 100 wounded soldiers in that incident, as described in the book and movie “Blackhawk Down!” (Casualties would have been far greater if the Pakistanis in Somalia left their tanks and APC’s at home, or refused to come to America’s aid.) It is probably the reason 256 American soldiers were lost in the attack in Lebanon under Ronald Reagen, where the Marine barracks were left essentially unguarded. It is likely the reason we continue to take casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan – keep a low profile so we can pull out quietly — along with the infamous “rules of engagement,” which also come from the top down.

Governor Romney’s speech, 16 hours after the incident, was to decry the Administration’s apology over an obscure video, and to point out that America’s interests were at stake – sovereignty of embassy property and personnel, and the rights and principles which Americans hold dear. You don’t need the details when you know the United States has been attacked, and the Administration failed to acknowledge these basic facts!

The next day, more than 24 hours after the event, President Obama denounced Governor Romney for speaking, not the Libyan murderers, and then only after a campaign speech in Las Vegas and an appearance on “The View.” Obama’s most significant statement of the day was to the ladies of “The View,” that he was there only as “eye candy.” Indeed! Now, four weeks later, we find that Romney was right, but Obama’s, the State Department and Susan Rice were wrong all along.

Now fast forward to Monday, October 15 when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, more that a month after Benghazi, Libya assault on 9/11, and while away from American soil and on a South American junket in Peru, South America, told CNN that she is responsible for the breach of security that led too the terrorist attack and death of the U.S. Ambassador and three others Americans on September 11. It seems like Obama put a peg on Truman’s motto where he can hang a name tag for the appropriate sacrificial goat. Hillary fell on her sword for Obama. Having purchased her soul (and silence) in the Chicago tradition (keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer). Obama stepped in to collect in an effort to exonerate himself.

In the meantime, the individual who made the disputed film, which was a non-issue until Obama held it up for the world to see, sits in jail, not for the movie, but for an unrelated parole violation which would otherwise merit an admonition and possibly a fine.

The lesson is clear: Don’t buy a bridge from the White House or from HIllary Clinton!

First published at Illinois Review on Wednesday, October 17.