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By Nancy Thorner – 

The Heartland Institute hosted a “Stop Fed Ed” event at the Andrew Breitbart Freedom Center on Wednesday, October 12. The event featured Cora Weber, who discussed her role in the grassroots effort to stop Common Core and (eventually) eliminate the federal Department of Education.

Ms. Weber is a second-generation home-educator, single mom of six, and president of the Illinois chapter of the United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE.ORG). For nearly 15 years, Cora has worked as an advocate for children by promoting awareness of the socialist progressive agenda in government schools. Weber is currently developing an initiative to guide and encourage religious institutions to adopt a more central role in the education of America’s children.

As president of the Illinois chapter of USPIE, Weber is aligned with the STOP FED ED movement, a campaign led by parents, taxpayers, and educators committed to ending the U.S. Department of Education and Common Core, returning control over education policy to the states, where it belongs. Michelle Malkin serves as an advisor to STOP FED ED and there are 33 chapter presidents. The names and contact information for state chapter presidents can be located by checking this website.

As Heartland’s project manager for education transformation Lennie Jarratt said in his introductory remarks, “Liberals believe that government is the answer to everything instead of the free market.” As to why there is a federal department of education, it’s certainly not about children, Weber said. Control through federal dollars amounts to big business. The experiment with federal control of local public schools has gone on for half a century, and it has failed. Children have suffered by being treated as rats in some social engineering laboratory.

The fight against Common Core has exposed the failures of those trying to force a federally-based one-size-fits-all curriculum on states and local school districts. Even strong Common Core supporters realize the name is toxic and have accepted the premise that the federal government should not be dictating curriculum.

Remarks by Cora Weber

Weber’s initial remarks were accepted with nodding agreement by those in attendance: “The present system is stifling instead of letting children flourish.” Weber discussed the background Department of Education: In 1867 the U.S. Congress passed legislation to establish the first Department of Education. President Andrew Jackson signed the legislation that created the department with miniscule staff, resources, and power. It was a non-cabinet-level agency with a mission of improving American education by disseminating sound education information to local-and state-level authorities. In 1979, Jimmy Carter created an independent, cabinet-level U.S. Department of Education as a political favor to the teachers’ unions. It was not linked to the Interior Department or the Federal Security Agency (FSA), as the Department had been since its founding in 1867. Few remember that in 1980, Ronald Reagan campaigned for the presidency on a platform that included abolishing the U.S. Department of Education, as the department had failed to deliver either better test scores or more rigorous curriculum dedicated to academic excellence.

With the establishment of a cabinet-level Department of Education (DOE) came a 60 percent increase in education funding by 2015, but for what? In 1980, the department’s budget was $11.5 billion. By 2015 the DOE’s budget had mushroomed to $67 billion – a 600 percent increase – with these negative results:

  • stagnant test scores
  • huge bureaucraciesmassive
  • increases in the cost of education

In Retrospect: From 2003 to 2015, when Common Core was up and running in many states several years prior to 2015, the 8th grade proficiency level in math and reading was deplorable at 33 percent. Alabama, which traditionally has scored in the low 30s, dropped to 30th in the nation – making the state worse off than it had been before Common Core. 

Weber asked: If the results from federal imposed education is so dismal, why don’t state leaders just say to the federal government, “We don’t want your little crumbs”?  Some wonder how states will survive without federal education dollars. Here’s how: 91 percent of education funding comes from state and local funds. The federal government provides 9 percent. – but with that 9 percent, the feds control 100 percent of the classrooms. Consider also the millions of man hours that are required to meet federal education mandates. Also, sending funds to D.C. and back to states is not efficient.

ESSA as Stealth Replacement for Common Core

Unfamiliar to many attendees were Weber’s remarks about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), legislation signed by President Obama on December 10, 2015, to rewrite the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and replace the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

NCLB breaks Common Core down into 11 different programs, which must all link with Common Core standards. There are many faults with the bill, which fails to fix the problems in Common Core. A required survey actually asks children how many times they carry a gun or a knife, and whether or not they wear a seat belt. Such personal information should be none of the government’s business! 

There was likewise a $25 billion increase in the funding of NCLB and a 2 percent yearly increase after that with no sunset. Despite glaring faults, which were noted at the time, Senate education committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) praised the bill to his fellow senators in a bipartisan agreement made with Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-Wash.).

Because NCLB gives unprecedented power to the Secretary of Education, even if a state wants to establish its own educational standards, they must align with the 11 NCLB programs – which the Secretary of Education can then reject if he finds them lacking. Also troubling is that private companies were called in to create the eleven programs.

Cora Weber Pegs Department of Education As Unconstitutional

Providing guidance is an important part of what Weber seeks to do when making her presentations. She wondered why we are willing to let bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. define the term, and determine what education should look like. Weber further stated: “The Department of Education is unconstitutional.”How so? Because the 10th Amendment directs that powers of the federal government not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution shall be left to the states or the people. There is no Department of Education in the Constitution. “Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government delegated the power to regulate or fund elementary or secondary education,” Weber said.

She also emphasized how the educational system needs to “align with principles that never change, and not the system that bureaucrats are trying to impose upon the people.” Weber further warned that home-schoolers are not immune from Common Core, which promotes relativism and socialism, as colleges are more and more requiring that students be educated in the Common Core method through admissions testing. The good news is that the free market is coming up with solutions to circumvent what is happening. To find out what a child needs to know to graduate for high school check here. The requirements for graduation in Illinois are quite lenient. 

What Can We Do to Help Stop Fed Ed?

Suggestions from Cora Weber include:

Q&A with Cora Weber 

Question: This nation was founded on the rule of law. What happens when individuals with great power and clout are seen as being above the law?

Answer:  This nation must return back to the Constitution which represents the foundation of our nation. Law affects every sphere of our society as set forth in our Constitution. Presently, Weber is reading George Orwell’s 1984 to her six children. It is important that great literature be taught, because it defines who we are, where they came from, and where we are going.  

Question: How can we circumvent Common Core?

Answer: Weber discussed a “badge-based system.” When a course is completed, and the student has demonstrated that he/she knows the material, a badge is awarded which can then be taken by the child wherever he goes. Churches, at one time, were very prominent in schooling children, and we must once again take up this mantle. It doesn’t cost all that much money to educate children well. But there is a problem: Many churches are seeped in humanistic outreach and grounded in progressive ideology. There are however, lots of fine courses for free on-line.

View here the YouTube video of The Heartland Institute’s Stop Fed Ed event with Cora Weber of USPIE.

Coming Events at The Heartland Institute

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Oct 26, 2016

Women in Politics

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Listen, learn, and get inspired from women who are shaping free-market governing policies in America just days before the 2016 United States presidential election.

Nov 2, 2016

Alex Newman: Crimes of the Educators

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Come join Alex Newman, co-author of Crimes of the Educators, as he discusses his exposé of crimes perpetrated by the education establishment against the American people and, especially, against American children.

Nov. 9, 2016

Heartland Movie Night: ‘The Call of the Entrepreneur’

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Don’t face your uncertain, post-election future alone. Face it with friends at The Heartland’s Institute’s next ‘Movie Night.’

51prc1Mn0RL._UX250_   By Nancy Thorner – 

On September 28, 2016, Robert Buchar – associate professor of cinematography at Columbia College in Chicago – spoke at The Heartland Institute about his film, The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story. The film makes a compelling case that the dissolution of the Soviet Union did not bring about the end of global communism.

A political refugee and defector from Czechoslovakia in 1980, Buchar is also the producer of the documentary, Velvet Hangover, which is about Czech New Wave filmmakers, how they survived the period of “normalization” and their reflections on the so-called Velvet Revolution of 1989. He is also the author of Czech New Wave Filmmakers in Interviews, as well as And Reality be Damned… Undoing America: What The Media Didn’t Tell You About the End of the Cold War and Fall of Communism in Europe., which was available for purchase at the event. I highly recommend that book.

Prior to Buchar’s comments, an eight-minute excerpt was shown from his 2012 documentary, which took him eight years to finish. The film unearths the uncomfortable truths that explain the dark forces on the horizon for this nation. View the trailer here.

Buchar began his speech by asking the audience: “Why is it important to known about the fall of communism, when it’s something that happened 27 years ago?” It’s because most young people today have no idea what communism really means. Those who are older will recall how the ideology of communism killed more than 100 million people during its 70 years of dominance over vast swaths of the globe. Yet when communism supposedly collapsed in 1989, the media failed to question where those responsible for the atrocities had fled. It would be folly to believe that millions of communists became capitalists and good citizens overnight. 

Buchar noted how the communists didn’t disappear, but instead became leaders of a new system. This can be observed by noting the makeup of the political parties in former Soviet satellite countries. All were created by and are run by former communists. Thus communism adapted and morphed, developing into what was perceived as a new and seemingly acceptable political system in order to survive and continue its mission.

Because of the West’s own naiveté, the West now has to live in what has become a transformation of communist philosophy. This explains how Bernie Sanders was able to attract so many followers in his failed bid for the presidency in the 2016 election cycle.

Buchar also mused how some people on the left believe the Cold War never existed, claiming it was just propaganda, while conservatives believe the Cold War was won by the West. Accordingly, it would be difficult for conservatives to accept the perestroika deception, because in doing so, they would have to denounce the victory they proclaimed happened.  

Why the rise of socialism around world?

But if the West really won the Cold War, how to explain the rise in socialism around the world? Although the international terrorism advanced and supported by the KGB did end after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, it exploded again in 1996, taking on the forms of Islamic terror and anti-Americanism. As such, Moscow’s deception machine lives on, and has even intensified.

How could this have happened? The West performed in the exact way KGB strategists had anticipated by lowering its guard, eliminating the counter intelligence, awarding Russia millions of dollars, and even accepting Russia as an equal partner. Buchar also noted that notorious double-agent Aldrich Ames was CIA Chief for the Soviet Bloc countries, and all captured Western spies were executed with the exception of one, Oleg Gordievsky.

And what about Marc Rich, the person in charge of supplying millions of dollars to Russia that disappeared down a black hole. He is now living who knows where, after having been being pardoned by Bill Clinton in the very last minutes of his presidency. As Buchar noted, the CIA and MI6 officials both agree that KGB/FSB spying now is higher than ever. Regardless of what it is called – whether the continuing Cold War or Cold War 2 – the global communists’ quest for world domination will continue as long as the they remain in charge of the Kremlin.

Americans to blame

Unfortunately, the American people know little or nothing about Russia’s current political system, the economies of former Soviet satellite countries, or that foreign forces are shaping their lives. At the same time, many Americans know little about what is happening politically in their own nation, believing all to be just fine and dandy.

Buchar explained how the quest to destroy capitalist America started in 1922 shortly after the Comintern was established in Moscow. But why hasn’t Marxism/Socialism been discredited by now given all of its pathetic failure, carnage, genocide and misery? Trying to educate Americans about the threat to their nation is most often met by blank stares of disbelief, he said.

Buchar spoke of a student of his who believed that if communism was done right, it could work – which is very common among young people whose schooling emphasizes this nation’s flaws, rather than the spirit of the American people who built this nation, and who bled and died to preserve the God-given rights of freedom and liberty.

Socialism’s attraction

As to why the idea of communism/socialism is still and has always been attractive, especially to the economically disadvantaged masses, people do love nice dreams. As espoused by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, everybody will get what they need. Free college education and the forgiveness of college debt is now being dangled in front of young people to entice them to vote Democrat.

As Buchar sees it, the goal is more to disturb and destroy Western democracy, specifically in America, rather than to install socialism. Buchar also noted how The Communist Manifesto is still selling very well on Amazon. Stated below is what Nikita Khrushchev said to Vice President Richard Nixon back in 1959: 

“You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

According to Buchar, our nation is getting close to that point today. The problem, as Buchar sees it: “The left has a clear goal, the long term strategy, and a well-established network around the globe. They are well organized, disciplined, and devoted to achieve their goal under any circumstances. Conservatives, on the other hand, have no goal or strategy.”

Some Americans are so blinded by political correctness that it has becomes almost impossible to agree on who their enemy is, let alone be able to come up with a successful counter-strategy.

Buchar believes this nation is headed for trouble: a brand of globalism or the establishment of the so-called New World Order which is being pushed by the elites of both parties. They are pulling out all the stops to keep the White House in control of the Democrats, so the long term strategy of those who fostered the deception that Communism died in 1987 can succeed in its planned journey by tricking millions of Americans into believing that socialism is the way of the future.

Understanding what happened between 1989 and 199l – the so-called Collapse of Communism – the key to understanding what is facing this nation today.

Watch the video of Buchar’s presentation at The Heartland Institute, including the clip from his film, here.

Warning issued 32 years ago by Soviet defector and KGB operative unheeded

32 YEARS AGO (1984) Soviet defector and KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov, specializing in the fields of Marxist-Leninist propaganda and ideological subversion, warned us about the silent war being waged against America as part of a long term plan to take over and destroy the American system and way of life.

This youtube video, KGB DEFECTOR YURI BEZMENOV’S WARNING TO AMERICA, reinforces Robert Buchar’s remarks made at The Heartland Institute on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

In watching the clip you will realize that Bezmenov is describing EXACTLY what’s happening in America today, where by Obama and his gang of Marxist usurpers who now have control of your government are just the culmination of a very long term plan, but are the ones who are about to bring it into fruition.

G. Edward Griffin’s shocking video interview in which Yuri Bezmenov decides to openly reveal KGB’s subversive tactics against western society as a whole: Yuri Bezmenov:  Deception Was My Job

Yuri Bezmenov explains in detail his scheme for the KGB process of subversion and takeover of target societies at a lecture in Los Angeles in 1883: Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society

This is REAL, it is happening now, and it has happened before. November’s presidential election could very well be the turning point for this nation.  Is this new brand of communism really favored by the American people?  It’s frightening to think that a majority of voters might elect to live under a repressive and controlling government.  


By Nancy Thorner – 

Libertarian comedian and author P.J. O’Rourke no longer plans to vote for Hillary Clinton for President, he told attendees of the Heartland Institute’s annual dinner on September 15th. 

Thorner: Comedian P.J. O’Rourke backs away from Hillary Clinton

As a libertarian thinker, O’Rourke says he can’t stand either party. Although there were many libertarians in the room because of Heartland’s libertarian bent, there was also a sizable number of conservative Republicans present who didn’t appreciate remarks made by O’Rourke on May 11, 2016 on National Public Radio when he announced he’s be endorsing Hillary Clinton with all her empty promises, because, he said, “she is the devil we know.”

At his speech for Heartland, however, he recanted that statement, and said he “will not vote for Clinton.” O’Rouke was called by Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, “the funniest writer in America.” An American political satirist and journalist, O’Rourke is the author of 15 books, including his latest, Thrown Under the Omnibus.

O’Rourke’s recitations of humor, to some in attendance, were somewhat risqué at times. But it was clear that his comments about the 2016 election were enjoyed by the audience. 

Several of O’Rourke’s comments were especially well received. Since humor depends so much on the way it is presented by the humorist, some of his comments in printed form below might not have the same impact, but I share them nonetheless:

  • Why is it so flat in the Midwest? So we can see you coming.
    • Citing the Heartland Institute as a center for clear thinking, O’Rourke spoke of himself as not much of a clear thinker – which made him too stupid to be talking to those assembled. As a student of stupid, O’Rourke said he is perfectly qualified to talk about the election, as 50 percent of the American people are, by definition, of below average intelligence.  That explains everything!
  • In making fun of Hillary: What can be funnier than Hillary’s pantsuits?
    • The Republicans’ large list of presidential candidates was eventually whittled down to five, but it was not a list of presidential candidates. It was a list of the finest law firm in the world.
    • Jeb Bush had it all. He was young, good looking, and the former governor of Florida, but he was rolling like a dirty dog in campaign contributions. 
    • Hillary was challenged by Bernie the Socialist. So, is it OK to steal stuff to make this nation more like Europe? But where do we go to get all the Nazis, Commies, and dead people?
  • The Clinton Foundation is so large that it must be weighed on Chris Christie’s bathroom scale.
    • What’s wrong with the Republican Party when John Kasich could win in a state, Ohio, that is as purple as Barney the Dinosaur. 
    • There are two parties, the Stupid Party and the Silly Party. Republicans have fewer ideas but not few enough, while Democrats believe that government can make us richer and smarter.
    • The words “bi-partisan consensus” are frightening because of the polarization of America, but libertarians want all politics to go away much the same way as you fix a pet. You teach a pet not to beg at the table. Domestic policy would demand that a pet stayed off your bed, while foreign policy would require teaching your pet not to mess on other people’s lawns. 
    • Politicians attempt to solve every one of the world’s problems, when they can’t even run a post office. 
    • Government takes 40 percent of our money. Ought that be enough! But is government doing 40 percent of our work, such as doing the laundry or cleaning the house or taking care of our spouse if we are tired? If Bill Clinton is back in the White House this might happen.
  • Political corruption is a law of economics. The first thing that gets sold is your votes.
    • O’Rourke’s 16-year-old daughter keeps complaining, in general: “It’s not fair.” To which O’Rourke replies: “You’re cute. That’s not fair. You were born in America. That’s not fair. Get down on your knees and pray that things are not fair.”

A Q&A session with O’Rourke was lively and entertaining, and elicited unusual responses from the keynote speaker. 

Q: Who will our president be on November 9?

A: “Someone you won’t like.” O’Rourke followed up by musing why it was so important who the president is. The president is not supposed to be so powerful. The large expansion of presidential power began with Abraham Lincoln – and we, as citizens, we never made it go away.

Q: You detailed Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson’s platform without indicating your support of him?

A: America only has two large political parties. We’ll never get rid of either one of the parties until one party collapses. 

Q: What do you think of Brexit? 

A: O’Rourke said, as an individual, he would probably have voted against Brexit. But Europe is not going to survive. It is more messed up than America, and Britain had to get off the boat. Britain has forgotten border control, spent all its money on social welfare program, and can’t stand up to Putin.

Q: If Trump becomes dictatorial or goes off the deep end in other ways, will Republicans bring up impeachment?

A: O’Rourke said he had not the foggiest idea what would happen, as he has never been so wrong so often in his life than in this election cycle.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.00.31 AM
Joe Morris, Jameson Campaigne, Morton Blackwell

Heartland Liberty Prize: Morton Blackwell

Following O’Rourke’s remarks, Morton C. Blackwell, president of The Leadership Institute, was honored as the recipient of the 2016 Heartland Liberty Prize. The award was presented by Jameson Campaigne, founder and president of Green Hill Publishers and Jameson Books, and Joseph Morris, president of the Lincoln Legal Foundation.  

Campaigne described Blackwell as “a leader who can create.” It was Blackwell who helped launch Turning Point USA, headed by Charles Kirk. It was Blackwell who predicted a year ago that “we would get Donald Trump.” Campaigne astutely noted that if conservatives don’t seek out the best and the brightest to run for office and win, someone else will.

Joe Morris spoke of Blackwell as “a leader who has devoted his life to advocacy for the cause of freedom.” Furthermore, Blackwell is a “teacher” and hails as “chief of the freedom movement in America.” 

As to why Blackwell was selected for Heartland’s award, Joe Bast applauded Blackwell for never turning down a request for assistance, and not caring who received credit as long as a good job was done, rare qualities, indeed. 

Upon presented of the Heartland Liberty Prize, Blackwell described what comes out of The Heartland Institute as “sparkling,” given its “healthy sense of moral indignation,” and with staffers who “really enjoys what they are doing.” Blackwell shared a condensation of his article, The Real Nature of Politics, written in the early ’70s, and which is as important today as it was at that time. It outlines what determines victory and why the right side doesn’t always win.

As a teacher, Blackwell has trained thousands of young people who have attended his Leadership Institute conferences over the decades. He tells young people:

  • Keep your word.
  • Keep your principles.
  • Keep your hands out of other people’s pockets.
  • Keep your pants on.
  • Keep studying and putting into practice how to win.

Before the keynote speech and Liberty Prize was given, Heartland President Joe Bast welcomed nearly 500 friends and supporters who attended its 32nd Anniversary Benefit Dinner, the organization’s biggest gala event.

Under the theme of Freedom Rising, Bast spoke of the evening as a means to celebrate the achievements of The Heartland Institute, to thank Heartland’s staff and volunteers and friends for their hard work, and to recognize and thank the donors whose generosity makes everything Heartland does possible.  

Continuing his opening remarks, Bast noted that The Heartland Institute was founded in 1984 for one purpose: to preserve and expand individual freedom. This is done by discovering, developing, and promoting free-market solutions to social and economic problems, Bast said. The organization has accomplished over the year in its successful fights for lower taxes, fewer government regulations, reform of education and welfare policy, and more. 

Heartland has also created a literature of liberty with books studies, articles, and videos about America’s unique gift to the world: the idea that a nation can be founded on principles instead of privileges, and on freedom instead of force. Heartland does wear a special badge of honor, having become the world’s leading think tank rejecting claims that global warming is a crisis, caused by human activity, and merits surrendering our freedoms to national or international government authorities. 

Bast was not hesitant to note sad news: how in the last decade, our inalienable freedoms, fought for by the Founding Fathers and enshrined in the Constitution, have been greatly eroded. Consequently, we are less free today than we were in 2006, as the national government has greatly expanded its spending, borrowing, and regulating. Accordingly, this nation is on the road to nationalized health, nationalized education (both elementary and secondary and higher education), a nationalized energy sector, and a nationalized banking system. And all this has happened with a socialist in the White House, and with very little opposition from self-described conservatives in Congress and on the Supreme Court – which amounts to a bipartisan crime against freedom, against free men and women, and against all Americans and their loved ones.

Why does this disturbing trend matter? Because without the freedom to choose, there can be no moral actions, no right or wrong, no discovery of every person’s unique skills and potential. Without individual liberty and free enterprise, there would be no human progress, no innovation and economic growth, none of the peace and prosperity we take for granted today. Freedom, Bast said, is the most powerful idea ever discovered by man. It has liberated billions of people from poverty and slavery. It has transformed the world, but we seem to be throwing it away. As Ronald Reagan said, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” 

As Bast warned, it’s about to disappear on our watch. Freedom today is under attack by people who call themselves progressives, liberals, socialists, Marxists, and sometimes – in a rare blaze of honesty – communists. Whatever the label they hide behind, the Left wants more government and less freedom, along with more power to impose their ideas on others, and to live off the work and ingenuity of others. In contrast, those in attendance at Heartland’s benefit dinner want just the opposite – less government and more freedom!  This is why Bast spoke of the coming election as one that may decide if we continue losing at the national level, or stop the bleeding and start restoring our lost freedom.

Bast ended his soliloquy is support of freedom with these five things everyone present should attempt to do to help restore American freedom, knowing that it is not through politics alone that freedom will rise again:

1.  Educate yourself about freedom – its history, institutions, and importance. Check out a copy of The Black Book of Communism to see what happens to societies that lose their freedom.

2.  Educate the people around you. Share your knowledge with others, give them books, sign them up for subscriptions to magazines and memberships in organizations, like The Heartland Institute and many more, that support the freedom philosophy.

3.  Be a role model for others. If you live a successful and righteous life, if you are faithful to your spouse and a good mother or father to your children, people will naturally look up to you and respect your political views.

4.  Help build new institutions. When the Left takes over Ivy League colleges and universities, stop sending your kids to them and donating to them. Support colleges such as Hillsdale and Carthage College instead. When it takes over elementary and secondary schools, vote against property tax hikes and instead support charter schools and private schools – such as Chicago Hope Academy, which filled a table at the dinner.

5.  Hang together … or else we shall surely hang separately, as Benjamin Franklin famously said.

Bast further asked for the support of brave men and women – in politics and outside politics – that we thank them for their sacrifices, and then work to make sure they keep their promises. For freedom can rise again only if everyone does their part.

Monday, September 12, 2016

By Nancy Thorner – 

As previously discussed, (read it here) renowned scientist, speaker, author and Heartland Institute Science Director Dr. Jay Lehr and Colorado State University Atmospheric Science Professor Dr. Scott Denning debated two film clips from Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. The debate was hosted by The Heartland Institute on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, to determine how the movie has fared through the test of time on its 10th anniversary.

The first two film clips debated in Part 1 were; “Solar Radiation in the Form of Light Waves Passes Through the Atmosphere,” and “The Coral Reefs Off the Coast of Australia Are Being Bleached and Destroyed Due to Global Warming.” (View the entire debate here.) In Part 2, I will recount how Lehr and Denning debated the final four of the six featured film clips.

Film Clip #3: Fresh Meltwater is Tunneling Straight Down Through Greenland.

Claim: Tony Blair’s Scientific Advisor said in 2005 that if Greenland breaks up (even half of it) maps will have to be withdrawn because the Netherlands and other low lying areas would be covered with water. Among areas affected would be San Francisco Bay, Beijing, Shanghai, and Calcutta.

Denning: Sea level rising has gotten much worse because of melting ice. Ice can melt very fast with a huge impact, such as in property loss and the creation of a refugee crisis worse than the one that exists today.

Lehr: This is fear mongering at its worst, a global warming fraud that is casting an extremely negative impact on the future of the world. Between 1000 and 1250 there was farming in Greenland during a mini warming period. Corn and barley were grown. As far as loss to our economy, billions have already been squandered trying to develop green energy to replace fossil fuels. Why? Because green energy sources are more expensive to operate and maintain.

Film Clip #4: Polar Bears Are Endangered Because Ice Is Melting.

Claim: Polar bears have drowned when having to swim 60 miles to find ice and food.

Lehr: Polar bears can swim 100 miles. This cuddly little icon of global warming was a poor choice for Gore. Polar bears have been around for 500,000 years and are thriving today, with ample evidence population is increasing. Some 10,000 visitors come every year to view the polar bears feed at Churchill Matoba (Hudson Bay) where polar bears have been studied for 21 years. Polar bears coming to feed at Churchill increase every year.

Denning: Denning didn’t deny the increase in polar bear population at Churchill, but as ice is the habitat of the polar bear, due to melting ice there is less habitat available for polar bears. As Denning did when he spoke about the exposure of the Great Coral Reef as being a side issue to global warming, he likewise considered the polar bear a side issue in the overall discussion of climate change. Economics once again became the dominant issue for Denning as he reiterated the lost economic growth that would take place if 10 times more fossil fuel were burnt as has occurred to date.

Film Clip #5: Are We Capable of Rising Above Ourselves and History?

Claim: After all, freedom and self-determination was established here in the U.S. and spread around the world. We landed on the moon and defeated fascism.

Denning: We are fortunate global warming is a problem that is not all that expensive to solve. Our problems today aren’t as difficult to deal with as were some that faced our forefathers. Our grandparents did well for themselves by building roads, bridges and highways. Our generation built the Internet. The American people are capable of solving problems. We know how to do it. Economics was again cited: A 1 percent reduction in GPD over the next century beats a 25 percent reduction if we fail to deal with the global warming problem now.

Lehr: The mention of economics by Denning raised his dander. Lehr mentioned that we have already spent well over $1 trillion with zero results in trying to develop alternate salable and affordable sources of energy to reduce CO2. The U.S. and France were cited as the only countries that have reduced CO2 levels: France because of using nuclear energy, and the U.S. because of scrubbers installed on coal plants. As a nation, we are capable of doing great things. However, the so-called global warming crisis is fear mongering, which hasn’t yet, nor will ever, come true.

Film Clip #6: Gore compared a photo of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa taken 30 years ago with one recently taken.

Claim: Human-caused global warming is causing the famed Snows of Kilimanjaro to disappear.

Lehr: Lehr had no quibble about the photos. At 19,340 feet high, Kilimanjaro was losing ice long before man began pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. Since the temperature at the top of Kilimanjaro has never risen above freezing, why then is the ice melting? Lehr attributed the melting to what is known in physics as “sublimation” from solid to gas. Because of deforestation over the centuries at lower levels, the resulting dry air rises up the mountain and causes ice to go from solid to gas. Like the polar bear, Dr. Lehr considered Kilimanjaro a poor choice by Al Gore to include in his movie.

Denning: The melting is not just happening at Kilimanjaro, but at every mountain in the world. 70 million people depend on water from melting mountain snow. In Colorado, a state Denning is familiar with, snow pack is down 20 percent since 1980, and this has happened with only 1 degree F of global warming. What will happen if 10 times more fossil fuel is burnt?

Debate Wrap up

Denning: He noted again his three S’s of climate change: Simple, Serious, Solvable. In referencing how Lehr denies climate change is taking place even if 10 times as much fossil fuel is used, Denning challenges Lehr’s inability to explain why. According to Denning, it’s very easy to explain: heat in, heat out. When six-and-a-half watts was added to the world for 100 centuries, the sea rose hundreds of feet. When either heat or cold is added, temperature changes occurs as they did during the Medieval warming period and the mini ice age which followed.

If we deal with the problem now, it will cost our kids a hundred times less than if we fail to take immediate steps to solve global warming. Denning strongly suggested that as a free market think tank The Heartland Institute must become involved or else the Left will take over completely. The market system is not weak. We must be brave. Modern free-market solutions must be applied. As civilization comes from inside us, this nation will be just fine if our kids remain creative and hardworking.

Lehr: In offering a critique of his challenger, Lehr questioned how it was possible to like someone yet disagree so much with everything he says? Lehr spoke of global warming as a political ploy to gain power. Global cooling was tried during the ’70s, but that didn’t scare the world. Global warming is not about the environment; it is about reducing individual freedom. It’s also about the elimination of fossil fuels. But why eliminate fossil fuels when they are improving the quality of live all across the world? This nation is awash in shale gas. In Colorado, for instance, there is more oil and gas reserves than in all of Saudi Arabia. Yet the push continues to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar power when both require backup energy sources.

Climate alarmists are predicting how the weather will be much warmer 100 years down the road with possible catastrophic results, even though predicting the weather one week ahead is risky to attempt. Eliminating the generous subsidies given to developers of wind and solar power will bring out new and better things. As an self-described extremely optimistic person, Lehr opined how the future is always better than what went before, but this still doesn’t prevent a new scenario of doom and gloom from being offered up during next year’s Earth Day celebration.

Debate Finale

Jim Lakely, communications director at The Heartland Institute, fielded question for Lehr and Denning from event participants and from those watching the live-stream on YouTube. (Click here to view.)

Not disputed was what is considered our most valuable resource which is found between our ears, the human mind.

Notable is that global warming is near the bottom of the list of concerns people have around the world. And global warming deserves to be near the bottom of the list. As related in this recent, hard-hitting and credible article about climate change posted on September 2, 2016, Tens of Thousands of Scientists Declare Climate Change A Hoax, a staggering 30,000 scientists have come forward saying man-made climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the elite in order to make money.

One of the experts is Weather Channel Founder John Coleman, who warns that huge fortunes are being realized by man-made climate change proponents such as Al Gore. In a recent interview with Climate Depot, Natural News reports:

“Al Gore may emerge from the shadows to declare victory in the ‘global warming’ debate if Hillary Clinton moves into the White House. Yes, if that happens and the new climate regulations become the law of the land, they will be next to impossible to overturn for four to eight years.”

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Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.54.28 AM

By Nancy Thorner – 

In its continuing series of free Wednesday night events, The Heartland Institute on July 27 served as host to Eric O’Keefe on his topic, “The Use of State Power to Silence Patriots.”

For much of the past 35 years O’Keefe, a Libertarian, has encouraged the establishment of independent political organizations to hold politicians accountable. One such organization was the Wisconsin Club for Growth, which played a large role in supporting Gov. Scott Walker’s reform of union regulations in 2011 and 2012. That support led to O’Keefe becoming a target of Milwaukee County prosecutor John Chisholm’s so-called “John Doe” investigations of conservative groups and individuals in the Badger State.

In turn, O’Keefe made himself the lead plaintiff in federal and state lawsuits to halt the sweeping government abuses which were part of the John Doe investigations – which were conducted in secret and without the targets being able to solicit help from family, friends, and even lawyers.

O’Keefe likewise serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Citizens for Self-Governance, a national organization supporting a Convention of States to invoke Article V to amend the U.S. Constitution (ConCon). There is, however, an organized push-back against the movement and what it hopes to achieve. [Full disclosure: I had this article published at Illinois Review on why ConCon is a bad idea.]

What Is a ‘John Doe’ Investigation?

See this link for background information regarding the so-called John Doe investigations in Wisconsin. From that link:

  • In Wisconsin, a John Doe investigation is the equivalent of a grand jury probe, only without jurors.
  • The first John Doe probe in 2011 looked at whether Gov. Walker’s staff, while he was a Milwaukee County executive, did campaign work during their county work shifts. 
  • A second John Doe probe was launched by prosecutors in August 2012 to look into potential unlawful Walker campaign activity. The investigation, now stalled by legal wrangling, is trying to determine whether his 2012 recall campaign illegally collaborated with independent groups. So far no charges have been filed against Walker.

George Will Called John Doe the Nastiest Political Tactic of 2014

The media went all out in covering the John Doe investigations in Wisconsin that violated the civil liberties of conservatives. Conservatives who were engaged in Wisconsin political debates were subject to pre-dawn home raids, dozens of subpoenas, and a smear campaign. All were conducted by Chisholm and his political allies. As noted above and explained in his talk at Heartland, O’Keefe led the effort to terminate the assault by defying a secrecy order and taking the story to the Wall Street Journal. He then organized several lawsuits against the prosecution team to put an end to the egregious, unconstitutional investigations.

The following is what George Will called the nastiest political tactic this year, in an Oct. 24, 2014 Washington Post column:     

“The early-morning paramilitary-style raids on citizens’ homes were conducted by law enforcement officers, sometimes wearing bulletproof vests and lugging battering rams, pounding on doors and issuing threats. Spouses were separated as the police seized computers, including those of children still in pajamas. Clothes drawers, including the children’s, were ransacked, cellphones were confiscated and the citizens were told that it would be a crime to tell anyone of the raids.”

George Will – who felt the need to leave the Republican Party when Trump became the GOP’s presidential nominee – described how Chisholm targeted dozens of conservative activists in his John Doe investigations, which began when Walker defeated a national union effort to oust him. The probe had to do with whether there was illegal coordination between the governor and the conservatives targeted in the raid over supposed violations of campaign finance law.

The Probes Themselves Were Corrupt

In his Heartland talk, O’Keefe explained how Chisholm abused Wisconsin’s John Doe investigation process to launch utterly corrupt, sweeping, and virtually unsupervised investigations of conservatives. Gag orders were imposed and subpoenas issued to prevent Chisholm’s targets from defending themselves or rebutting politically motivated leaks. Chisholm’s aim was achieved: It had a chilling effect on conservative speech. But O’Keefe did noted that it wasn’t just the force of law (the gag order) that kept the targets silent. They had to also think about their families and their jobs. Just the intimidation – and public humiliation of the raids – could destroy their lives. Nevertheless, it was shocking to hear that such tactics were happening here in America. Other states have similar John Doe investigatory powers, but they have not been abused at the scale seen in Wisconsin.

In September 2014, O’Keefe asked for a special prosecutor to look into Chisholm’s secret probe of alleged campaign finance allegations during the 2011 and 2012 recall campaigns. In the complaint, and a separate civil litigation, O’Keefe alleged Chisholm, a Democrat, had committed misconduct in office by conducting a political vendetta against conservatives. O’Keefe told the Heartland audience what he really thinks was behind the John Doe investigations: Chisholm’s wife is a teacher and union member, and the district attorney was angry about Walker’s repeal of most collective bargaining for public employees. 

Chisholm: Too Powerful to be Investigated?

O’Keefe said he didn’t expect Chisholm to accept an outside investigation into his conduct and conflict of interest, and he found nearly 50 elected district attorneys from around Wisconsin also declined a request to investigate him. The United States Supreme Court wouldn’t intervene, either, ruling in May 2015 that it is up to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which put the investigations on temporary hold, if they should be struck down altogether.

What are the broader implications? The goal has always been about damaging Walker and removing him from office. And worse still, it’s part of a broader national campaign to silence conservative speech.

Controversy in the Heartland Q&A Session 

It was during the Q&A session when O’Keefe’s answer to a question from an audience member created a stir among some in the room, including me. O’Keefe’s admitted that he had put together “Delegates Unbound” at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland – a failed attempt to have all bound delegates vote their conscience (presumably against Donald Trump) on the first ballot. O’Keefe said if his effort succeeded, Sen. Ted Cruz would have been nominated over Trump. O’Keefe didn’t mince words in railing against the Republican Party and Reince Priebus for preventing the Delegates Unbound vote, thereby “ignoring the will of the people.” 

View the YouTube video of the live-stream of the event here, and visit Heartland’s events page for future free talks.

Coming Events at The Heartland Institute

Jim Lakely, Communication Director at The Heartland Institute, introduced Eric O’Keefe and later fielded questions directed to O’Keefe by those watching the live-stream. Prior to introducing O’Keefe, Lakely had four “housecleaning” items to celebrate and share:

1.  The Heartland Institute has a redesigned website. Please check it out!

2.  The Michael Parry Mazur Memorial Library was touted as the newest addition to The Heartland Institute. It has the best collection of books on free markets, economics, and liberty anywhere in the Midwest. 

3.   If you are a young conservative or libertarian considering a career in the free-market movement, spend 10 weeks working side-by-side with others who share your interests in Heartland’s internship program

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Thursday, June 30, 2016


By Nancy Thorner – 

Quick, pay attention – think you know all you should about America’s founding? Well, here’s some “Constitutional Sound Bites” from a powerful new book authored by David Shestokas:

 “Declaration of Independence – Did you know?

  • Thomas Jefferson became a lawyer at 24 years old and wrote the “Declaration” at age 33.
  • The impact of the “Declaration of Independence” upon the world was dramatic.  When written in 1776 it was the first such document in history to declare a people free and self-governing.
  • Before the “Declaration of Independence”, a government was typically an empire controlled by a royal family.
  • The Declaration of Independence issued a list of grievances against King.
  • Jefferson patterned the Declaration like a complaint in a court case.  There is a statement of law, a list of violations of law and the proper remedy for those violations

Preamble to Constitution –  Words and phrases as understood by our Founding Fathers –  Did you know?

  • What was meant by “more perfect union?” –  Still related at the time to the Latin origin, perficere, to finish or complete.  It meant a more complete union than had existed before the “Constitution.
  • What was meant by to “establish justice?”  The implication is that justice did not exist under the “Articles of Confederation.”
  • What was meant by “general welfare?”  “General” meant applicable to the whole rather than to the local, individual, or special interests, while welfare” referred to a Constitution goal to promote the happiness of the nation as a whole.

U.S. Constitution” – Did you know? 

  • The “Constitution” represented the most important event in human history.  Before the ratification process took place in 1787 and 1788, self-government hadn’t existed before.
  • Gouverneur Morris, a lawyer at 19 years old, wrote the Constitution at age 35, yet he is one of the most unknown Founding Fathers.
  • Although Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were on the 5-member committee to write the Constitution, James Madison gave Gouverneur Morris credit for the final Constitution, which he wrote in four days!
  • Colonists knew what a “Power of Attorney” was.  This form was used by lawyers of the time for many different occasions. 
  • Power of Attorney was explained in terms of what many Americans have in the 21centruy, a Health Care Power of Attorney.  
  • Constitution followed the form of the commonly understood Power of Attorney. 
  • Constitution laid side by side with the Power of Attorney follows the same outline.

Bill of Rights – Did you know?

  • The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
  • James Madison originally proposed 19 amendments to the First Congress.
  • These amendments were changes to the originally ratified Constitution.
  • Supporters of the Constitution had promised to add a Bill of Rights during debate about whether or not the Constitution should be adopted, in response to Anti-Federalists who argued against the Constitution because it lacked protections for basic human liberty.

The First Amendment – Did you know?

  • How many rights are named in the First Amendment and what are they?  
  • Remembering them all will place you among one in one thousand who are able to state the number of rights and then name them.
  • These questions were posed to Heartland attendees by David Shestokas.  Two got all five right.  Many forgot “Freedom to Petition for Redress of Grievances” There is a reason for this:  The people no longer have the right to have their representatives entertain their petitions.  
  • The other four rights are: Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, and Assembly.

In a continuing series of free events sponsored by The Heartland Institute, David J. Shestokas, author and lawyer, was featured in keeping with Heartland’s recently established Center for Constitutional Reform, a project of The Heartland Institute.  Kyle Maichle as Project Manager of Constitution Reform, introduced Mr. Shestokas who provided insight into his book, Constitutional Sound Bites, which provides an accurate and accessible resource regarding the “Declaration of Independence”, “Constitution”, and “Bill of Rights.”  The book is available at Amazon in print and Kindle editions\

David Shestokas earned his B.A. in political science from Bradley University in 1975 and his J.D., cum laude in 1987 from The John Marshall Law School where he swerved on the institution’s law review.  Mr. Shestokas founded the Law Office of David Shestokas in November on 1987.  After practicing in areas such as criminal defense, corporate law, real estate, and business financing, he later served as Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County in Chicago from 1994 to 1998.  During that time he also worked on the Felony Review Unit, participating in police investigations and making charging decisions in more than 400 felony cases.  

David Shestokas reveals

As Mr. Shestokas notes: The leaders of Revolutionary American were used to reading long documents like the Federalist Papers to gain understanding of the important documents of that time, but it’s not the way the American people receive their information in the twenty-first century.  Americans have become used to getting information in small dose through sound-bites 

Keeping this in mind, Shestokas’ unique book assumes a question and answer format which allows readers to quickly and effectively grasp bursts of material, both children and adults, at a time when our Nation’s Founding receives little attention in American classrooms.  For as Mr. Shestokas related, it is difficult to be a good American without understanding how America was made and what America stands for. 

Below are the first three question posed to readers under Chapter 1, Constitutional Consideration, of Shestokas’ book.  Answers are located in the book below each question:

  • What events during the Christmas of 1776 saved United States independence and set the stage for the Constitution? 
  • How long after the Declaration of Independence did the Constitution go into effect?
  • Why does the United States have three branches of government?

Answers are set forth in a concise, easy to understand, and meaningful way.  This is definitely a must-read book with historical anecdotes that add depth and content which make 18th Century history come to life in 21th Century style. 

Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican, signed a South Carolina House bill into law on June 1, 2016 that implements the study of U.S. founding documents into the social studies programs of the state’s public high schools.  All public education students, both in high school and in college, are required to pass a test after a year-long class.  Every state should have such a requirement.     

Power is always trying to restrict liberty.   Education is so important to understand when abuse of power is taking place, which our Founding Fathers, in declaring independence from England, wanted to leave behind.  Documents were fashioned to make this new nation unique and different from any other nation in the world.  

Beyond Constitutional Sound Bites, in collaboration with Dr. Berta Arias, Spanish professor and past president of the Illinois Latino Council on Higher Education Shestokas has produced the first explanation of America’s Founding Documents in Spanish, Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales, for the 36,000,000 Americans more comfortable with Spanish than English. Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales is also available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions.

The collaboration of Shestokas and Arias has also lead to the first Spanish language website devoted to America’s Founding Principles: De Los Estados Unidos (About the United States).

Future plans include a children’s book, and a book devoted to the amendments following the Bill of Rights.

The You Tube of the Heartland event featuring David Shestokas and his book, Constitutional Sound Bites, can be viewed here

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Monday, June 27, 2016



By Nancy Thorner –  

 On Monday, June 20, The Heartland Institute hosted a rare opportunity to hear one of the nation’s acknowledged leading conservatives, Stephen Moore, speak on his new book, Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy, which flies in the face of the nation’s political and media love affair with climate change. The luncheon event was held at The Union League Club, in the Loop in downtown Chicago. 

Heartland is known globally for its work debunking myths about human-caused climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels – in short, that global warming is driven by human activity and a warming planet is, on whole, beneficial. Fossil fuels constitute the lifeblood of the modern world, having ushered in the Industrial Revolution, but continue to be vilified by global warming alarmists.

In his book, Moore, with co-author Kathleen Hartnett White, make an unapologetic case for fossil fuels. They argue that if fossil fuel energy is supplanted by “green” alternatives for political reasons, humanity will take a giant step backwards and the planet will be less safe, less clean, and less free.

Moore’s Background

Moore is a Chicago boy, having graduated from New Trier High School in 1978. After various stops at conservative outlets and organizations – including one he started, the Club for Growth –Moore is now a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Heritage, where he focuses on advancing public policies that increase the rate of economic growth to help the United States retain its position as the global economic superpower. He also works on budget, fiscal and monetary policy, and showcases states that get their fiscal houses in order.

As an economist, Moore said he was influenced by two great economists of the last 50 years: (1) Julian Simon, who was proven to be right, when in 1980 he disputed those in this country and worldwide who claimed the earth’s natural resources were becoming so scarce they would become even costlier, and (2) Arthur Laffer, who triggered a world-wide tax-cutting movement in the 1980’s, when in the Reagan administration he recommended tax cuts to stimulate the economy. Moore is currently an economic advisor for the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Moore’s Discussion

Moore believes that if our energy resources were utilized the way they were meant to be used, this nation would become energy independent in the near future, turning us into the Saudi Arabia of the next century.

Positive benefits from the development of our energy resources include the following, according to Moore:

  • Creating jobs by the millions.
  • Creating good jobs with good pay.
  • Reduce trade deficits.

As far as the value of oil, gas, and coal under U.S. public land:

  • Over the next 20 years, with current technology, this nation could have available $50 trillion worth of oil, gas, and coal.
  • The federal government could raise $4 trillion by leasing federal land for exploration. With a deficit of $20 trillion, $4 trillion would be tidy sum toward reducing our deficit.

Republicans have a great opportunity to gain the upper hand in the energy struggle, but they haven’t done a good job. The major donors to the Democrat Party are the unions (the teachers union dominates here in Illinois) and lunatic green movements funded, in part, by billionaire Tom Steyer of California, who is an environmental advisor to the Obama administration. Green groups want to keep coal and oil in the ground by stopping drilling and coal mining. Republicans need to drive a wedge between those who traditionally support the Democratic Party by getting out the message that “we (Republicans) are the ones who are trying to save your jobs.”

Moore and Harold Hamm

Moore said he was influenced by the story of billionaire industrialist Harold Hamm, who left home when young because there wasn’t money enough to feed all 14 children … and Hamm was 13th in line. Hamm now owns most of the energy resources in North Dakota. Invited by Hamm eight years ago to travel to North Dakota, Moore was amazed to see what was happening in the state. “Wildcatters” like Hamm had developed fracking and horizontal drilling. The code was cracked to find more natural resources, which put America way ahead of the rest of the world – yet no government was involved in this development.

As Chairman and CEO of Continental Resources, the fortune of pioneering oilman Hamm peaked at nearly $19 billion in 2014, but has since been reduced to $11 billion when oil prices plunged. Hamm does remain bullish for the future, however, and expects a new boom to come. Hamm expects $60 oil again, and says America will double output again.

Moore said he believes that if not for the shale and gas revolution, Obama wouldn’t have been elected. But that doesn’t keep Obama from running around the country falsely proclaiming how we are running out of oil and gas. As Moore stated, “We are running into it, not out of it, through fracking and horizontal drilling.”

Vilification of Coal and Oil

Even if global warming was scientifically indisputable and here to stay, Moore said, it could not be stopped by shutting down sources of American energy. In Virginia where Moore lives, EPA regulations on coal have shut down entire towns. These once-vibrant communities have been replaced by unemployment lines.

And what is to be done about China and India where there are plans to construct 500 new coal plants, Moore asked? For every one coal plant shut down in this nation, 10 new ones are being added in China and India – and they use coal technology much dirtier than here in the U.S. Compared to 50 years ago, this nation’s emissions have been reduced more than any other country in the world, but that is still not enough for the greens. Climate alarmists continue to spread their unwarranted fear to a somewhat gullible public.

It comes as no surprise that children are being told that coal and oil must be replaced by so-called “green energy” to prevent Mother Earth from heating up and being inhabitable. This indoctrination is now standard practice in the public schools from K – 12th grade. It’s difficult to talk about global warming at the college level. The new thing with kids is to believe it’s cool to go with windmills and solar power. Moore asks this question when meeting with children: “Where does your electric power come from?” Most often the response is: “It comes out of the socket.”

Sources of Power in U.S.

Well over 90% of this nation’s electrical power comes from four sources, ranked in order: natural gas, coal, nuclear, and hydro power. Wind comes in at a measly 4.7% and Solar at 0.6%. Combined, coal and natural gas supply about 70 percent of this nation’s electrical power. If a global warming catastrophe were really upon us, nuclear power would be the way to go. It is a clean and safe form of energy which gets the most bang for the buck. Yet the public has been turned against nuclear power through bad publicity over unfortunate nuclear events.

According to Moore, we are witnessing a war on energy. Presently this nation’s economic growth is pathetic, at less than 2 percent. Energy independence and tax reform could quickly increase this nation’s growth to 4 percent, but this will have to wait until the next Republican president.

Natural gas was described as a wonder fuel – it’s abundant – it’s made in America – and it’s clean energy.

Introductory Comments made by Jim Lakely

Jim Lakely, in describing the five issues covered by The Heartland Institute, spoke about the environment as being the issue Heartland is most known for. Accordingly, Heartland is a target of the eco-Left for not embracing climate alarmism and declaring that the science is not settled.

The most recent development is how ExxonMobil is being accused of misleading the public on climate change. The corporation is being sued by the attorneys general of the Virgin Islands, New York, Massachusetts and 14 other states. Likewise, The Competitive Enterprise Institute is now fighting a subpoena that requests a decade’s worth of communications, emails, statements, drafts, and other documents regarding CEI’s work on climate change and energy policy. Although The Heartland Institute is mentioned in all the lawsuits, it has yet to receive a subpoena in what amounts to a fishing expedition to silence those who do not subscribe to Obama’s stance on Climate Change.